Mosquito Control

With over 3,500 thriving mosquito species worldwide, and more than 170 species in the United States alone, mosquitoes are a pest that affects everybody. Mosquitoes are known for two things: their bites and the diseases they can spread.

Our technicians understand mosquito biology and mosquito breeding cycles. Our control techniques include interrupting these cycles to yield maximum control over potentially dangerous insect populations.

Our services not only repel and deter mosquitoes from thriving around your property, they kill them too. While Cothren’s Pest Control does not believe in making a pest your neighbor’s problem, we do work with you to educate you on the environmental issues and methods to reduce the number of mosquitoes in and around your property.

To assist in their control, we offer several mosquito control programs using high-pressurized mosquito spray services and backpack sprays.

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